The month of July was a very active month on the golf course. The golf course is in great shape as we gear up for the Dixie Invitational Golf Tournament. It will be held Friday, August 9th, thru Sun-day, August 11, 2019. If you want to play and have not signed up for the event please get your team entry turned in to the golf shop by Tuesday, August 7th, 2019 @ 5:00 PM.

In July, the Summer Par 3 Golf Tournament event was held. Congratulations go out to the team of David Steed and William Brackett for winning this event with a score of -5 under par. I would like to say “THANK YOU” to the 44 teams who participated and made the event a true success. The golf course was set up with 18 challenging Par 3 holes, playing anywhere from 108 yards to 175 yards long.

We also had two Saturday Shoot-Out events in the month of July. The first Shoot-Out event was held on Saturday, July 13th with Ed Snow and Lee Culpepper winning the event. The team of Andy Bacchus and Adam Meade claimed the second place for this event. The second Shoot-Out event was held Saturday, July 20th with Miki Folsom and Tim Pryor winning. The team of Will Culver and Brandon McElheney finished in second place. The Saturday Shoot-Out event takes place every Saturday at 3:00 PM. Find a partner and sign-up in the Pro Shop today.

Golf Tip of the Month

The two pictures you see are the position of the club at the top of the backswing and the position of the club in the finished position of the forward swing. At the top of the backswing the right shoulder is in the triangle position formed by the player’s forearms at the top of the backswing in picture #1. In picture #2 the player has his left shoulder in the triangle position formed by the player’s forearms at the follow- through and finished position of the golf swing. What happens on the backswing must be a mirror opposite image on the forward swing. If you can get the golf club in this backswing and forward swing position the quality of shots you hit when you play and practice will improve immediately.