April is here and so is the warmer weather. During this winter and most recent weeks, we have received higher than normal rainfall totals. Historically, we have received 2” to 4” in the month of March. In 2024, we have received almost 10 inches of rain, during March alone. With this amount of rain and the construction of our capillary bunkers, you have or will see damage to the course from the equipment. These areas will be repaired upon completion of the bunkers. As for the progress of the bunkers, as I write this, the capillary has begun to be poured into the bunkers on #12. Hopefully by the first week in April, we will have sand in 9 of the new bunkers. These include #1, 12, 16 and 18. The pictures above are #16 & #12. After these are completed, we will continue with the remaining bunkers. The sand will be soft and fluffy for the first couple of months until it settles in.

On April 4th beginning first thing in the morning, we will start our bulk spread of fertilizer on the entire golf course. This includes bringing in a large spreader truck with turf tires to spread a 22-4-22 (N_P_K) slow-release fertilizer. We will start spreading ahead of play and this process will not impact play. After the fertilizer is spread, we will be watering it in. So you may see more irrigation running than normal out on the course. This fertilizer is a 22% Nitrogen for a good start to top growth and 22% Potassium for better root growth and plant health. The 4% of Phosphorus is good for plant health but only a little is needed on Bermuda.

As for greens, we have received our soil samples and everything looks good. We are already mowing at .125 Height of Cut (HOC) and doing well. We have also al-ready started using the groomers on greens because of the warmer temperatures and will soon be verticuting, as well as topdressing. These procedures will encour-age more lateral growth and a smoother, more consistent ball roll. Our new fair-way mowers are here and having 2 allows us to mow fairways ahead of play in-stead of taking a day and a half. The new top-dresser will be used soon and should show less tire impact on greens because of the weight balance and tire configuration.

All in all, things are looking up and we are excited about the improvements on the course and the new equipment. Our goal is to provide the best playing experience for our members and we look forward to seeing you out on the course. As always please remember to help fill divots and repair ball marks.

Rusty Hill

Rusty Hill

General Manager & Golf Course Superintendent