Club Newsletters

September 2020

September has arrived and it has been a busy eight months; the Dixie was played in August and the victory goes to Shawn Hodge and Jon David Kennedy. The flight winners are included in the newsletter. There were three hole-in-ones in August; congratulations to Micah Rogers, David Steed and Jason Turner.


The Hutch Cup 2 Man Team was won by Miki Folsom and Jim Woods. The 2nd round of the Individual Hutch Cup is currently underway. Enjoy the photos of the Brickyard Jr. Golfers and come out on Saturday’s at 5pm to see some great Jr. Golf.


 Registration for the 2020 Member Guest will begin this week; the tournament is October 16th-18th. The Brickyard Ladies Book Club meets on September 15th at 5:30, join in the fun and fellowship. The golf course, pool and all facilities will be open on Labor Day, Monday, September 7th.
Please welcome our new members and come out to enjoy the 
prime golf course conditions.