May is now here and some of our major projects on the course are wrapping up. The crew that has been working on the bunkers has moved on to the last 5 bunkers and will be finished any day now. This has been a great process and I look forward to all new bright white bunkers, that drain very well and after a few months will play more consistently. After the sand is placed in the bunker it takes a few months to pack or get settled in. At first, they may play a little soft or fluffy, but will become slightly firmer over time.

When the crew is finished with the bunkers, we will move on to repairing the washed-out areas on #7, 11 and 12. This will consist of bringing in some more large rocks to place along the bottom area first. These large rocks will cover the lower areas up to where the water line rose to, after our heaviest rains. After that, we will back fill with dirt and resod these areas down to the rocks.

If you have played recently, you have seen the broken cart path on hole # 7 near #8 tee box. This was caused by an irrigation leak in prior years, underneath the path. The leak was repaired, and dirt was filled in underneath the path. However, it is very hard to pack dirt firmly underneath the path and over time it turned into an open tunnel under the path. To repair this, we will be tearing up the path everywhere there is a hollow space underneath the path. Then we will place tamp pack new dirt firmly down to prevent future issues. After this, we will repave these areas with new concrete.

Also, during the month of May, a lot of our focus on the golf course maintenance side will be on greens health. On May 15th and 16th, we will be aerifying Greens with hollow tines to pull cores out of the ground and replace them with clean sand. This process helps relieve compaction, removes built up organic matter, and helps the root systems of the greens thrive. Healthy root systems result in better growth and coverage on the surface of the greens. With everyday mowing and rolling of the greens, they get compacted and seal off. The sand filled holes will provide air and water channels for healthy roots to seek. The process of aerifying is one of the most important things we do to have great greens year-round. We have already applied multiple fertilizer applications and expect a speedy recovery and great greens in a few weeks.

Please remember to fill your divots on the Par 3 tees. The sand helps with a faster recovery of the turf and helps keep these areas more level.

Rusty Hill

Rusty Hill

General Manager & Golf Course Superintendent