Briane Faletto Class A Golf Course Superintendent I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and are looking forward to a Happy New Year in 2019. We are very excited about the upcoming year and we can’t wait to provide you with the best playing conditions around.

This month we will be working on cleaning the last remnants of leaves up. Once we have that completed, we will continue working on some winter projects. We are in the process of doing an irrigation audit and are repairing the sprinkler heads that are not working. We will also be raising some of the heads up around the greens to ensure proper watering is taking place. We have al-ready started taking some trees down and cleaned them up. Once we remove all the dead or dis-eased trees, we will get a stump grinder in to finish them up. We have removed sod on the back of the driving range tee. This was done to prepare for a concrete slab to be poured so we can in-stall some permanent mats. This will help alleviate some of the wear and tear on the tee. We have also started some bunker maintenance by checking to make sure the proper amount of sand is in place on the slopes and that it is compacted. We have completed hole #15 and the green side bunker on #8. This will continue throughout the winter.

The course is VERY wet with all the rain we have had. Please remember to follow all cart path rules. When we are Cart Path Only, please keep all 4 tires on the paths. Some times the edges of the paths are the most wet and therefore are easily tracked up. We have made holes #7, 8, and 18 cart path only for the remainder of the winter.
Hope to see you on the course!