WOW, I can’t believe the month of June has come and gone already. I hope everyone has planned to join their friends and fami-ly poolside at the Brickyard for the July 4th celebration on Saturday July 6th.

The golf course has recovered from the greens aerification procedure at a very fast pace. Thank You Brian and the entire maintenance staff for a job well done. Heading into the month of July I hope everyone will find a partner and sign up for the Par 3 Tournament on Saturday, July 13th, 2019. This Par 3 Tournament will be a very fun event for all participants, SIGN UP TODAY! The Dixie Classic Invitations are now available in the golf shop and available for you and your partner to register for this event as well.
NEW ARRIVALS – During the month of July there will be several new arrivals for different brands of merchandise in the golf shop. Polo, Divots and PUMA shirts are on the way. We are also going to stock the PUMA golf shoes as well. We recently just received a new shipment of the Foot Joy brand shirts as well. Please visit the golf shop in the near future and checkout the new merchandise. The new Club Car golf carts will also be arriving onsite in early July. The new carts will have the GPS feature on all the carts. The new GPS information on the golf carts is a very nice feature to have during your round of golf. I know we all are going to enjoy benefits of the GPS System during our future rounds of golf played at the Brickyard Golf Club. We have had a very positive response from members and guests who have played a round of golf recently and enjoyed the new GPS experi-ence during their round.

Golf Tip – My personal belief is that there are five fundamentals that all good players have in common. Not all good players hold the club the same way and not all good players take the club back the same way. There are five fundamentals that I prefer all golfers to focus on to improve their game. If you have good alignment, good balance, good ball position, good position of the club at the top of your backswing and you can swing the club to a good follow through position you can hit good shots. These five fundamentals are very common among all good players. If you build your golf swing and master these five fundamentals your distance and accuracy will improve immediately. Call the golf shop at 478-477-6765 if you have an interest in scheduling a golf lesson to start improving your game today.

I would like to personally say “THANK YOU” to everyone at the Brickyard Golf Club for making me feel so welcome during my first month. Everyone has been so sincere and genuine with their kindness. I am very thankful to be the new Head Golf Profes-sional at the Brickyard Golf Club and appreciate this opportunity more than you will ever know. Many Thanks,


Jim Bishop
Head Golf Professional
The Brickyard Golf Club