Briane Faletto Class A Golf Course Superintendent

Briane Faletto Class A Golf Course Superintendent

I hope everyone is enjoying the cooler temperatures. I know I am. Cooler temps mean the grass starts to slow its growth down and we’re not so stressed trying to get everything mowed.

We will slowly start to raise our heights of cuts on the fairways, tees, and greens to ensure a healthy stand of grass for the winter. We generally start doing this towards the end of the month, but is decided on by the weather.
One thing we will be doing in October is the overseeding of the Driving Range tee and the par 3 tees on the course. We do it every year to provide a better playing surface for your tee shots on the Par 3’s.

We applied some of our pre-emerge applications in September and will con-tinue with this task in October. This is the first step in trying to prevent those pesky winter weeds.

Our Member Guest is this month on Oct. 16th, 17th, and 18th. We will be working hard to have the course in great playing condition for our members and their guests.

Hope you all will come out and enjoy YOUR course!