Rusty Hill Out on the course things are going well and we are making good progress. We have 100% coverage on greens and ball speeds are getting where we would like them. The fairways are full and tight with the ball sitting up nicely.

Also, the practice area construction has been completed. The Putting Green sprigs went down and are growing in. The sprigs have been mowed twice at .200 HOC and is getting rolled on a regular basis. The HOC will be lowered soon every couple of days/weeks until we reach our desired HOC of .125. We will continue to fertilize, top-dress, and water as needed and look for-ward to opening the new 7,000 square foot Putting Green in October. The driving range tee is also being mowed at close to tee height and getting rolled on a regular basis to smooth out any imperfections. The Driv-ing range Tee should be ready to open in the middle of September.

Practice Greens Development Oct 2021

On the course weed control with Pre and post emergent will be are focus in the month of September as well as Fertility for plant health going into the fall months.

Thank You.

Rusty Hill
GC Superintendent