There will be 9—18 hole matches against like opponents. It will be a Four Ball match play event with a point awarded to the winner of each match. The winning team will be awarded with the distinguished title of Brick Cup Champions and receive an embroidered FootJoy Wind Shirt paid for by the losing team.

The matches are:

1. Tommy Reid and Bill Martin vs. Mike Kitchens Jr. and Ralph Robles
2. Jason Hutcheson and Tee Spinks vs. David Steed and Josh Carson
3. Jason Churchwell and Rick McCann vs. Cole Tidwell and Carl Stanley
4. Mike Johnson and John Thigpin vs. Jackson Henderson and Hoyt Stanfield
5. Ed Snow and Barry Bloodworth vs. Craig Westbrook and Steve Veal
6. Keith Hatcher and Dennis Smith vs. Bryan Sappe and Larry Wiley
7. Frank Gaudry and Richard Mixon vs. Steve Gurley and Stan Dominy
8. Charles Cook and Ed Hutcheson vs. Everett Dover and Conrad Massey
9. Jody Tyson and Miki Folsom vs. Ron Richardson and Jim Woods