A new year is upon us and the Brickyard has an annual event called the Brick Cup series. What is the Brick Cup? It is a year long accrual of points for members who participate in tournament play. Members accrue points based on the number of tournaments they enter and how they play in those tournaments. At the conclusion of the tournament season, the points are added and the top five players receive awards and the top 32 point members are eligible to participate in a season ending team event for bragging rights and prizes.

The 2019 Brick Cup concluded on January 18th; the format was a Ryder Cup style match play event. Hoyt Stanfield’s team claimed victory over David Steed’s team with 5 1/2 matches won to David’s team with 2 1/2 points. Hoyt’s winning team consisted of Josh Car-son, Ethan Huff, Wes Huff, Dallas Malone, Dex Schroeder, Bert Barnes, Ed Snow, Mike John-son, Keith Hatcher, Kem Stuart, Brandon West, Steve Gurley, Conrad Massey, Charles Cook and Ken Clarke. All 16 members won a pair of Puma Golf Shoes.


The Top 5 overall Brick Cup Participants for 2019 are:

  • Tied 1st Place–Ron Richardson & David Steed
    $225 Pro Shop  Credit & 1 month of Free Dues for each member
  • 3rd Place-Theron Ussery
    $200 Pro Shop Credit
  • Tied 4th Place-Hoyt Stanfield & Tommy Molony
    $75 Pro Shop  Credit for each member