This summer has been quite a challenge for the Golf Course Maintenance Department. We have never had a more challenging summer when it comes to keeping up with the mowing of the rough and fairways. The amount of rainfall and the in-opportune timing has kept us on our toes. Thank you for being so understanding and patient with us as we try to keep the rough and fairways mown. We have already seen more rain this year through July than we get in most full years. Here are the rainfall totals:

Summer 2018 Brickyard Golf Course

We have made some improvements to the course in the last month. We had all the stumps ground down and we have those areas cleaned up. We also laid a lot of sod in some areas to improve the playability. New sod is on #8, #11, #12, and #17. We are working to clean up the chordgrass in the outer-lying areas and along the creeks. I have been spraying the areas where we have had some Kylinga break through. The greens are in good health as we keep do-ing our weekly surface management to them. We have finally been able to get the intermediate rough cut along the fairways to give a little more relief from the rough. Hope to see you on the course!!! Briane Faletto, GCS Class A Superintendent