August is over and hopefully colder temperatures are just around the corner. I would like to say “THANK YOU” to all the members who played in the 2019 Dixie Championship. I would also like to say “THANK YOU” to Briane Faletto, our Brickyard Golf Course Superintendent and his staff for having the golf course in SUPERB playing conditions for the Dixie Tournament.

The Saturday Shoot-Outs at 3:00 PM have really started to get a lot of interest and participation on a weekly basis. I hope you will find a partner and join us one Saturday afternoon at 3:00 PM for the Shoot-Out Event each week.

Titleist and Ping golf clubs continue to be the hottest clubs on the market. All of the major golf club manufacturer’s have launched their new products as we head into the Fall season. If you are in the market or have an interest in a new set of irons, a new putter, a new driver or need some new wedges let us know and we will be glad to assist you in any possible way.

The Brickyard Member-Guest tournament is in October so I hope you have invited a guest to play and if you have not invited your guest I hope you will do so soon. I can assure you that the golf staff and I will go out of our way to exceed you and your guest expectations during this event. I am personally so thankful to be a part of the Brickyard Golf Staff and want the Member-Guest golf tournament to show all of our member’s guest what an awesome golf course and golf club we have at the Brickyard.

I hope you have noticed that we have tried to upgrade the driving range area. We now have a water station on the driving range tee, we have towels on the bag stands to clean your clubs, we added the club cleaning bucket with brushes to clean your clubs as well and have put ice cold towels in a cooler on a table for all golfers to cool down with on the hot summer days. We hope you will enjoy these new additions on the range.

Are you a bad putter?

All good putters have one thing in com-mon. Good PUTTER’S know how to aim the putter face at the target. All the time I hear people say that they are a bad putter. GUESS WHAT? They are because they can’t aim or align the putter at the desired target of intent. If you are a bad putter or don’t make as many putts as you want, please get someone to check your align-ment before you change your putting stroke.

Jim Bishop, PGA Professional