I hope everyone has had a great holiday season and a wonderful start to your New Year! I’m sure everyone has made some “resolutions” for 2018 and I’m positive quite a few of them involve golf (playing more and better) and/or weight loss. Luckily these two goals can be achieved together. One of the best ways to get exercise is by walking the course while you play. Now, I know some people have lots of excess supplies in their bags that prevent them from carrying them, but not to fear, the Brickyard does have the newest pull carts from Clic Gear which can hold any size golf bag no matter how much you stuff into it.

Using these also help out when we may be Cart Path Only and you do not want to walk back and forth from your cart with club(s)/sand bottles/range finders, etc. while not keeping you from playing a day after it rains.

With the weather being unpredictable this time of year, setting up a good practice schedule is hard to do. You can do a few stretches at home to help your game while the weather may not be perfect. A couple of good ones are: putting a club across your back/shoulders and working on making a proper turn back and thru in a controlled motion. Also, you can practice your swing in the doorway of your bedroom or any room in your house. Place your lead foot (left foot for right handers and right foot for left handers) up against the edge of the door frame, cross your arms on your chest and mimic a golf swing without bumping into the door frame.

Thanks and hope to see everyone on the course soon.

Zac TiltonZac Tilton
Head Golf Professional
The Brickyard Golf Club