Rusty Hill Going into the Winter months on the golf course grounds, we are working on some key factors that will give us a great product for the coming golf year. First off, we have put down a good slow-release granular fertilizer on the greens. This product allows our greens to continue to feed on what has already released into the soil, while the temps are warm enough for growth, while at the same time store nutrients needed to get through the Winter and come out great next Spring. On our weed control program, every area of the course has been treated different from Greens, Tees, Fairways and Rough. Each area will get the most beneficial Pre-Emerge/Post-Emerge program for that specific area. On our Practice Tee we have poured a new concrete pad on the back of the Driving Range Tee and should have the mats on it soon. The Driving Range Tee and Par 3 Tees will have winter seed applied to them as well. While the seed is coming in on the Driving Range Tee, we will be on mats only. We are contin-ually striving to improve the conditions on the course and improve your member experience.

Rusty Hill
GC Superintendent