Rusty Hill During the month of May most of our focus on the golf course maintenance side will be focusing on greens health. On May 4th and 5th, we will be Aerifying Greens with hollow tines to pull cores out of the ground and replace with clean sand. This process helps relieve compaction, removes built up organic matter, and helps the root systems of the greens thrive. Healthy root systems result in better growth and coverage on the surface of the greens. With everyday mowing and rolling of the greens they get compacted and seal off. The sand filled holes will provide air and water channels for healthy roots to seek. The process of aerifying is one of the most important things to do to have great greens year-round. We have already applied multiple fertilizer applications and expect a speedy recovery and great greens in a few weeks.

As for the rest of the course Fairways are being mowed twice a week along with Tees and Approaches. The Rough is being mowed once a week and native areas are mowed as needed. This will be our summer mowing schedule unless a change is needed. All Bermuda grass has had a heavy Spring application of fertilizer. Towards the middle of May, we will begin our Plant Growth Regulator (PGRs) applications. These apps will help keep the fairways and other areas full and dense with out having too much growth and grass clippings everywhere. 

Please continue to repair ball marks and fill divots. During aerification this is important as well.


Rusty Hill
GC Superintendent