Rusty Hill This month the golf course maintenance team will be working on the detailing around the course. We will be spraying native areas & applying pine straw to the areas of need. The turf areas on the course are looking good & starting to grow more consistently with the warmer weather. We will also begin our liquid fertility/PGR pro-grams for all of the Tee, Fairway, & Rough areas. These are all typical & highly used pro-grams for golf courses to be maintained to the highest standards.


Some bigger projects we have coming up are repairing some drainage areas & washouts. This includes the area from number 7 cart path all the way to 11. The plan is to have a contractor come in & change the slopes & sod these places for a much cleaner look. We have consulted with multiple contractors & engineers & believe this is our best course of action.


After the work gets started on the drainage repair project, the same contractor will start on our bunker renovation. The start of the project will include our worst & highest face bunkers. Bunkers to include number 1,9,10,13,14,15, & 18. These bunkers are some of the highest sand face bunkers & come into play more frequently. This will be a full-face lift for these bunkers. First, we will remove the current sand from the bunkers. Then reshape & add new drain lines. Next, we will use the Capillary Concrete Bunker liner rolled out smooth & add the new bunker sand. The Capillary Concrete Bunkers are some of the best in the world. They provide excellent drainage from rain to prevent washouts, while also providing a more consistent playing surface.


These are two very big projects that will be going on during play. Please excuse our progress & be mindful of the workers around you while playing. We do not have a start date yet, but we have locked down a golf course contractor who comes with great recommendations & reviews. As soon as we have more details on a start date the membership will be updated.


Thank you all for being members with us and as always… Please remember to fill your divots and repair ball marks.


Rusty Hill
GC Superintendent