Rusty Hill Spring is here and the grass is starting to come in nicely. A few things out on the course that we are working on are: Storm clean up and repair, bunkers, bridge work, new equipment and always greens.

The storm that came through during the last weekend of March brought over 7” of rain with it. Some areas are washed out & need to be repaired. We are currently talking with some engineers & contractors to look at repairing the washed-out areas. We are also talking with golf course contractors to look at removing the collapsed culvert on #8 & putting a heavy duty wood bridge to connect the cart paths. This will allow water to flow freely through this area & not back up & come over the path every time it rains. Some of the same contractors are going to look at our worst bunkers & make recommendations. Then after we have a plan on how to fix the washing & the high face steep slopes on these bunkers, we will begin repairing. These bunkers include, but may not be limited to, hole #’s

(9,10,13,14,15,18). In the meantime, our maintenance staff will be raking & main-taining all bunkers to the best of our ability.
In April, John Deere will be delivering the 2 new greens mowers & 5 new utility carts. We are excited to receive these pieces & are patiently waiting on the other pieces. Those include 2 Fairway mowers & a new topdresser. These last pieces of equipment are on back order, but John Deere has allowed us to split our lease/purchase agreement to receive what is available. As far as Greens go, they are com-ing out of dormancy & thickening up. We have already started grooming them & low-ering Height of Cut (HOC). We are currently mowing at .130 & plan to get lower soon. Coming up you will see us lightly topdressing to improve ball roll and consistency. These are light applications that do not affect the ball roll in a negative way. Thank you all for being a part of the Brickyard & remember please repair all ball marks & fill your divots.

Rusty Hill
GC Superintendent