During the month of March out on the course , we have multiple things going on. We have started back on the bunker renovation project to complete all remaining bunkers with capillary concrete. This project will start on 1, 16, 18, and 2. From there, we will go to 3, 4, 5, 6, 13 and 15. Lastly, we will complete 8, 10, 11, and 12. During this process, the old sand and drain lines will be removed. New drain lines will be placed in the bottom of the bunkers with flush out lines on the high sides. Dirt will be brought in to reshape the high face slopes, sod will be laid around the bunkers, then the Capillary concrete will be poured. After the Capillary has dried the tour angle white sand will be brought in. This is the same process that we used on 9 and 14. With us starting on the project now, hopefully ,we will have it completed by May.

Also, if you have played lately, you have seen the water damage and erosion on 7 and 11 at the creek. While we have the contract crew here, we will begin repairing these areas. To do this, we will bring in more large rock to place at the bottom of the slope up to the last water line. From there, we will back fill dirt and then sod these areas. Placing rock up to the most recent water line should protect the banks from washing out. During the last storm, we received 5.5 inches of rain within 24 hours, so this gives us a great estimate of where the heavier rains will put the water level.

Video flythrough by Larry Najera – GoRound Media

Golf turf-wise everything is looking good, and we are ready for some warmer (dryer) weather. Greens are in good shape and should come out this spring, as good as ever. All turf areas have been treated with pre and post emergent herbicides. Greens, Fairways and Tees have already had fertilizer applications and the Rough will follow.

Brickyard Golf Course Creek
Rusty Hill

Rusty Hill

General Manager & Golf Course Superintendent