During the month of February out on the course, we will continue working on cleaning up the course. Everything from weed control to grass clippings to wash-out areas. With all the rain we have had in recent months our winter pre-emerge has run its course. The good news is that this was expected with all the rain and a good bit of the golf course has already been sprayed out and treated, with just a few areas remaining. You may see us out on the course spraying areas that look too wet, or we may even be CPO for the day, but the timing of these applications is key.

With the grass clippings, we will be raking and blowing Tee Tops. Also, on Fairways we will drag with our grooming mat and blow behind that. These steps are important to get the fertility and weed control applications to where they benefit the plant the most. This provides a better playing surface for our members. Our new fairway mowers have arrived, and we will get them out this spring to start striping fairways.
Greens are looking good and rolling nicely. We are continuing our fertility, fungicide, and weed control plan on them and mixing in wetting agents as needed to balance moisture. Soil samples will be sent off in the coming weeks to assure we are on schedule and heading in the right direction to have a great year. The PH balance is one of the most important aspects of the soil for golf course greens and the last samples sent off had us right where we needed to be.

Thank You all for playing at the Brickyard and remember
please fill your divots and repair your ball marks.

Rusty Hill

Rusty Hill

General Manager & Golf Course Superintendent