Briane Faletto Class A Golf Course Superintendent October will be a busy month at the Brickyard. There will be several outings on our closed day-Monday, and we will host the 2018 Member Guest. The course has dried up after months of rain and it is in great condition for these events. We have been busy applying the fall pre-emerge to the entire course. This will prevent weeds from popping out. We will do this again in February and May for the summer weeds. We have also sprayed for crabgrass and goosegrass numerous times this summer. We are using a new product to prevent these weeds from surfacing next year.

We have added divot fill boxes on all par 3 tees. Please fill in your divots after your shot to pre-serve the turf on the tee boxes. At the end of the month, as temperatures cool, we will start raising the heights of cut on some areas of the course. This will provide a good stand of turf for the win-ter months. Please remember to fix your ball marks on the greens and rake the bunkers.
See you on the course!