I hope everyone is enjoying the course this spring! We had a very productive
March on the course and have some more planned for April. We finished
the new ladies tees and got them covered with sod. You should be able to play
on them by now. We also put some of the Zeon Zoysia grass onto the weak,
shaded tees on #3 and #11. We are preparing the area where we removed the
stumps to the right of #4 green for some zoysia sod also. This area will be completed this month.

I am putting the white lines back out on the course to help keep the cart traffic away from the green complexes. Please do not go any closer to the greens and follow the white lines to the proper cart path.

We will slowly start lowering our mowing heights this month back to the designated heights. We are mowing roughs at an inch and a half, fairways and tees at a half inch. The greens height is always being adjusted depend-ing on the conditions. We try to maintain a stimp meter reading of 10.

See you on the course,
Briane Faletto, GCS