I hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather. I know I am! Cooler temps means the grass starts to slow its growth down, and we are not so stressed trying to get everything mowed.

We will slowly start to raise our heights of cuts on the fairways, tees, and greens to ensure a healthy stand of grass for the winter. We generally start doing this towards the end of the month, but it is dependent on the weather.

One thing we will be doing in October is the overseeding of the driving range and the par 3 tees on the course. We do it every year to provide a better playing surface for your tee shots on the par 3’s.

We applied all of our pre-emerge applications in September. The weather really cooperated well this year. This is the first step in trying to prevent those pesky winter weeds. We will do another spray application in November/December to help us get through the winter months.

We have started to remove some of the Chordgrass from around the pond at #17 green. It looks a lot better from the fair-way, and it also helps the golfer realize where their ball rolls into the hazard if they were to hit their shot short into the green. This has been a reoccurring issue that we wanted to fix.

See you on the course!
Briane Faletto, GCS