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August is National Golf Month

During National Golf Month in August, golfers are encouraged to share their experience and bring new golfers to the greens. Whether played as a team sport or individual, National Golf Month...

Summer at the Brickyard Golf Course

This summer has been quite a challenge for the Golf Course Maintenance Department. We have never had a more challenging summer when it comes to keeping up with the mowing of the rough and fairways.

Ready Golf

With the spring and summer months quickly approaching, we need to remember that there are things that we can do to speed up our pace of play. Ready golf is one of these things!

Brick Cup Challenge

There will be 9—18 hole matches against like opponents. It will be a Four Ball match play event with a point awarded to the winner of each match.

Happy Hour Fridays

Join us on Friday nights in November for Happy Hour! From 5pm-8pm, we will have a themed buffet for $6/person along with half priced drinks!

Brick Cup Standings

1. Tee Spinks—85 2. Steve Gurley—82 3. Jason Hutcheson—80 4. Michael Kitchens Jr—80 5. Jackson Henderson—75 6. Bill Martin—75 7. Curtis Massey—73 8. Miki Folsom—72 9. David Steed—72 10. Conrad...