In the September newsletter, I mentioned handicaps and the formation of a Handicap Committee. We have finished selecting members for this committee as well as drawing up guidelines and policy for posting of scores. We will begin checking handicaps and the posting of scores this month, so make sure that you are posting your score on the day that you played. This can be done through the handicap computer located in each locker room as well as online at and thru the GHIN app (which is free).

Also when posting your scores, please be aware of Equitable Stroke Control or ESC. ESC is the maximum number of strokes a player can post on a hole and is based on your Course Handicap. Based upon your 18 hole Course Handicap, the following scores can be posted: for a 9 or less the maximum is Double Bogey, with a Course Handicap 10-19 the maximum score you can take is 7, with a Course Handicap of 20-29 the maximum score is 8, with a Course Handicap 30-39 maximum score is 9, and 40 or higher, 10 is the maximum score you can take.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

Zac TiltonZac Tilton
Head Golf Professional
The Brickyard Golf Club