I want to focus on cutting strokes off of your score by giving you a few game management tips. I play golfers of all skill levels, and I notice many players struggle with indecision throughout the process of making a shot. Below are a few tips to consider during your next game:

  • Pick a “small” target— “Aim small, miss small.” You should pick a target on every shot. On tee shots, aim for a tree in the distance. On the putting green, aim for an intermediate spot be-tween your ball and the hole.
  • Pin Location—Be aware of where the pin is located on the green and pick a conservative target according to where the trouble areas may be. All golfers want to birdie every hole, but I want you to find the easiest way to make a par.
  • Be Decisive—Many times we address the golf ball thinking, do I have the right club, should I play a draw, did the wind switch, or does my shirt match my shorts? We should do all of our thinking before we address the ball, and when you hit, be confident in your ability.

If you can think less while over the golf shot, you will be able to improve your golf game. Please feel free to contact the Golf Shop with any questions about your game!


John Kennedy
Asst. Golf Professional